When you are looking for great gin Gordons is where your search ends

If you enjoy a tall glass of gin Gordon’s is the one that you will definitely love. Gordon’s is a brand of London Dry Gin and is mainly produced in United Kingdom. This gin is also produced under license in Canada, New Zealand and many other former British territories and dominions. The top market for Gordon’s has been identified as Greece, Africa, Us and UK.

Gordon’s gin was established in 1979 by a Scotsman by the name of Alexander Gordon and is now owned by Diageo Plc, a multinational alcohol company. Alexander Gordon developed this spirit in a distillery in the Southwark area. Later this distillery moved to Clerkenwell in 1786.

The recipe that Alexander Gordon developed for his company was called the Special London Dry Gin. This mix was hugely successful and the recipe for this gin mix has gone unchanged to this day. The recipe of Gordon’s gin is known only to twelve people across the globe and has been one of the best kept secrets for over 250 years.

Gordon’s gin has a distinctive green bottle in which it is sold in the United Kingdom. In other countries it is sold in the original clear bottle. If it is at airport duty free store where you look to buy your gin, Gordon’s will be found in 75cl plastic bottles. What makes this gin so distinctive is its unique flavor. The gin here is triple distilled and has a heady juniper berry flavor. It also has additional notes of coriander seeds, angelica roots and a few other botanicals.

Gin from Gordon’s is sold in the market in many different strengths. In 1992 in UK the ABV of Gordon’s gin was reduced from 40% to 37%. While most view it as a stance to bring Gordon’s in line with some of the other white spirits such as white rum, vodka, etc but in reality this was a move to save some precious pennies.

However in the US the 40% version of Gordons is sold. In other European countries you can also find a bottle of Gordon’s that boasts of the strength of 47.3%.

Along with the original gin Gordons produces, they have also gone on to add aromatic gin or sloe gin to its main product line. This variant is known as the Distillers Cut. Apart from gin Gordons also has ventured into making vodka, has two types of alcopops called Space and Spark and a pre mixed gin and tonic.

They also went on to make products such as the Old Tom Gin and several other flavored gins such as Orange Gin and Lemon Gin.

They also tried their hand at pre mixed shakers cocktails such as Piccadilly, Dry Martini mixes, Fifty Fifty mixes, Bronx and Manhattan, Perfect etc.

Gordons also tried its hand at making rum and came up with a product line called the Finest Old Jamaican Rum. They also made Orange Bitters that were made from the exotic Seville Oranges.

However, these diversions from their main product line of gin were discontinued. But when it came to gin Gordon’s was so legendary that it found a specific mention in Ian Flemings James Bond book Casino Royal where it was mentioned by name for the recipe of the Vesper Cocktail.