What makes beefeater gin so special

Beefeater Gin is one of the brands of bottled gin that is sold and distributed by James Burrough company. This brand is considered to be a product that is 47% alcohol which means that it is 94 proof in the United States and just 40% alcohol or 80 proof in the rest of the world.

The Beefeater gin is produced and distilled from a hundred percent grain spirit. The manufacturer of this gin brand has been producing it since the year 1820 in London. The name “Beefeater” actually refers to the ceremonial guards or Yeoman Warders of the Tower of London and the gin bottle has a picture of the Yeoman of the Guard on it.

At one time these were guards who were in charge of prisoners in the Tower but they are now guides for tourists and wear the uniform of old.

What makes the Beefeater gin so special is that it has 9 botanicals that give it its unique flavor and aroma. These botanicals are angelica root, almonds, juniper berry, orris root, lemon peel, angelica seeds, liquorice, coriander seeds and Seville oranges.

The white grain is usually fermented to make gin and the flavors are added to this. It is said that the best brand of gin is the “dry” brand. This is usually mixed with vermouth or tonic water to make delicious cocktails.

The nine ingredients that are used in the production of the Beefeater gin are made to soak for 24 hours. Usually the distillation is complete in eight hours. This brand is reliable but expensive. The bottle is one that has truly become an emblem of timelessness and classic quality.

Everyone recognizes this superb gin whether it is served in a cowboy bar in Houston texas or in a London pub! However, you will find it on the shelf of classy and exclusive clubs in Manhattan.

Many consider the Beefeater gin a social tonic because it fills the “gap” and helps to satisfy one and all. The cool, crispy and tangy flavor is fresh and smooth. This is because it has been distilled from grains that are superior.

The infusion of aromatic botanicals make it delicious and one of the gins that are widely exported throughout the world. While the distillery in London is not generally open to one and all, you can visit the Beefeater’s website where one can have an audio tour that is truly fascinating.

Some of the varieties of the Beefeater Gin are The Beefeater London Dry Gin and the Beefeater 24 Gin. This is to be drunk with tonic or in cocktails like the Martini, Gibson, Gin Mule, Gimlet, Fizz, Negroni, Tom Collins, Corpse Reviver, Martinez, Vesper, Red Snapper, Pegu, Singapore Sling, Bronx, Southside and Clover Club.

Some extremely exciting and interesting facts about the Beefeater gin are that it was the one and only gin that was available on the QE2’s maiden voyage way back in 1969. Visit the Beefeater’s website and watch Jacques Bezuidenhout expertly shake 9 classic gin cocktails that include the White lady and The Negroni.